Things you think make you look sexy, but not

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Being sexy is given to many women naturally. There are some things that you think make you look sexy, but they do not. We would all like to have the gift to be a girl with a line of good suitors. However, sexy girls avoid at all costs a series of things that can make them look ridiculous and even vulgar. Do you know what they are? Know them and stop doing them forever.

Using fingernails with a thousand embellishments

Nails look good when they are neat and pretty. However, it is not at all sexy when your nails have thousands of ornaments, glitter, are too big and pointed. Be careful, we know that it matters little to the man how you bring your nails. Definitely use them with a thousand ornaments is not the option .

Wear super-pronounced necklines

A neckline is sexy as long as it does not become vulgar. No man likes to see a girl teaching everything if he wants something serious with her. Being sexy has nothing to do with teaching . On the contrary, leaving the imagination can be very useful.

Walking with heels without knowing how

Use heels according to your abilities and avoid looking like Bambi when you walk. It's not at all sexy to watch a girl fall on heels. Learn to walk little by little. Here is a guide for walking in heels. Your life will change!

Abuse of makeup

The makeup is beautiful; However, using it in excess can make you look ridiculous. Do not overdo it, do not use colors too strident in the day or unnecessary shine. Leave the extravagant for the night and remember that less is always more . Excesses do not make you look sexy, on the contrary.

To be on a diet all the time

Girls with good body have many advantages. However, very few men like skeletal girls. Avoid seeing you like a walking corpse that no man can see how the bones are felt right and left.

Use transparencies that do not go away

Transparencies are super fashionable nowadays. However, you have to know when and how to use them, otherwise they do not make you look sexy. Above all, you have to take care of your underwear, because if it is a super different color to your outfit you can look very bad.

  • When : Only in your spare time, these items are not meant to be taken to work.
  • How: With more formal clothes to avoid being seen vulgar. Jeans, pants, pencil skirts are excellent choices.

Wearing leggings and not exercising

Waters, leggings betray absolutely everything: cellulite, flaccidity and if they are of poor quality it is even worse then they do not make you look sexy. Wear leggings at home or to attend informal events, the colors are not fit to take to work and above all do some exercise to tone your legs . I assure you that they will look beautiful with a couple of routines a week.

Posing for a selfie in the bathroom

No girl should pose in the bathroom for a selfie . It looks really bad, please do not do it. They do not make you look sexy. Take it in the yard, in your room or in a place where you can not see the bathroom tile. It's the most sexy thing you can do.